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Since 1982, Century Snacks has been hunting for the most delicious and flavorful trail mixes and snack nut varieties and flavors. We carefully prepare classic snacks and continually explore new flavors and textures. Everyone has their own taste in trail mix.
Century Snacks® constantly invests in people, facilities, and processes to deliver customer-favorite products. Our tasty portfolio hosts brands including Snak Club®, Flanigan Farms®, and Moncheros®, along with hundreds of nut flavor varieties and trail mix recipes. We are also prepared to produce and create private and commercial brand products for any of our partners, nationally or worldwide.
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We have built one of the largest, most innovative manufacturing facilities in the U.S. Our team of roasters, blenders, sorters, and baggers efficiently creates the highest quality products. We are prepared to take on new products, high-velocity orders, and small-batch kettle coating.
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Our processes are closely monitored for quality and consistency. We work with a wide range of ingredients and processes including dry roasting, kettle and candy panning, oil roasting and seasoning. We maintain the highest level quality, health and safety standards, including a rigorous allergen program, cleaning protocols, and other food safety measures.
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With a full innovation lab on-site, our R&D team is constantly creating new products focused on the latest consumer trends and technology. From brainstorming to commercialization, the team seeks out the best products and partnerships, bringing them to life through new and differentiated products.
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Each batch of nuts—sourced from all over the world —is closely inspected to ensure that it meets our quality and safety standards. Then, our nuts are roasted and seasoned to perfection using a variety of applications and processes. When we’re done, we explore each package through X-ray to ensure that it is free of any foreign materials and safe for consumption.


Century Snacks is committed to food safety and quality. We strive to build customer and consumer trust in our products, investing in processes and equipment that meet the highest quality standards. We buy straight from the source, carefully inspect all shipments from our suppliers, and stay up-to-date on all current news and regulations. At Century Snacks, we are constantly studying our procedures and working to raise the bar on our products so they may earn your stamp of approval.
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